One Year Later
High volume pallet
loading vertical milling.
One year ago, Prime made a pivotal decision to expand its manufacturing capabilities by purchasing an organization that fit its manufacturing needs.

After evaluating its current customer base and future markets, Prime made a decision to purchase an organization that allowed it to engage in CNC technology and provide larger diameter parts by adding on 45 New Britain Screw Machines.

Adding on to the primary Davenport Screw Machine fleet, Prime changed its name from Prime Screw Machine Products to Prime Engineered Components Inc. (Prime ECI.) The name change represents that Prime is more than just  a screw machine facility and with its years of expertise in the automotive market and TS capabilities we offer the OEM a true partnership.

The addition of CNC lathe technology and Vertical Milling has allowed Prime to complement over one hundred screw machining centers from conception to full product launch.

The Bristol Connecticut facility specializes in cutting hard metals like Titanium, Inconel, and Monel, and has opened up many opportunities within the aerospace and defense community.

Diversification is key to Prime’s growth. Servicing over 200 active customers within 20 different industries has allowed Prime to give its work force a stable work environment..

As Prime continues to provide products in new geographical areas the experience of its workforce will be key to provide exceptional quality with the utmost service.

Prime’s steady growth over the years has given the organization financial stability to acquire costly material and new equipment to stay competitive in a global market.

Continual Improvement
17-4 stainless run on
CNC lathe and CNC milling.
Every generation has its mark. Continual improvement has been the key to Prime’s success. During a time when people feared foreign competition, Prime dedicated it efforts into a quality system and new equipment.

Taking over an organization with no formal quality system was a challenge but Prime got it done and within less than a year applied its knowledge to allow both facilities to carry an ISO/TS 16949:2002 quality certificate and is currently preparing for its AS9100 audit.